About Us

What We Do

Keeper Solutions is a software development firm with delivery centres in Croatia. We have a network of developers spanning Poland, Russia, Serbia and Romania. Keeper provides a range of software services to clients in the United Kingdom, United States and Ireland. We have a strong focus in fintech, payments and financial services. 

Keeper has a long-standing internal Research & Development program which focuses on privacy-enhancing technologies and products such as Keeper Profiles

Our technology stack includes Java, C#, Clojure, Node.js, Python, Angular, React (and other Javascript frameworks), Kotlin, Swift and Xamarin. Our disciplines include Test Automation, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, IT Security, UX Design and Technical Architecture.

Keeper fosters a dynamic ecosystem spanning several time-zones and based on the principles of respect, reliability and innovation.

Culture & Philosophy

Our clients tell us that they love doing business with us because we understand what it takes to make a successful software development partnership. Our leadership team has evolved, mainly from people who have worked on technical engagements with clients and have proven their skills; both technical and interpersonal. We have a strict “no assholes” policy and we expect all our team to be willing to call out issues early, honestly and without blame. This has led to a dynamic environment in which innovation can thrive.

Our philosophy is to seek out clients which are doing interesting things with technology and business model; we create tailored service solutions to help our clients scale rapidly.  We create high-quality working environments where people can expect to be treated with respect; we attract the best talent to this environment.


Join the Team!

We are expanding rapidly and are looking for talented people to join us on that journey.
Send us your CV and a brief message to talent@keepersolutions.com and we will be back in touch quickly.